Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh 

Civil aviation authority Bangladesh is one of the largest places where people want to admit for their bright life. Civil aviation is called caab in short. Caab is one of the largest organizations in Bangladesh that are maintaining flights in Bangladesh.  And they maintain all over the country aviation system. Aeronautical engineering is one of the parts of this organization. Those who are searching for government jobs they are very interested in civil aviation authority.

Civil Aviation Authority is maintaining two parts of the flight system 

  1. Government sector 
  2. Private sector 

This two-sector is the main aviation system in Bangladesh and caab is maintaining this two-sector.

The government sector is the of Bangladesh government and it a nation property of Bangladesh 

And there is private sector also that are provided by some private company and caab are maintaining this sector. 

Many people are searching for jobs via newspaper or online media. Civil aviation authority Bangladesh is one of the most demanding jobs in Bangladesh where people want to admit. This organization needs many people for maintaining the whole system

Recently they have been published many vacancy posts on their official website. You can easily search it on google for more details.

If we want to talk about something vacancy of civil aviation authority there are several type of post you can see all of those below 

Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh
  1. Fixed Wing 
  2. MMS
  3. Aviation Public health 
  4. AT
  5. Aviation atone
  6. Personal licensing 
  7. PEL
  8. Operations AIR

All of those are very high-paid jobs in Bangladesh. But there is a point here that is you can get this job if you have a minimum HSC certificate with good academic results. 

Don’t miss this opportunity anyhow if you missed this opportunity you have to wait a while cause this job is a very rare job in Bangladesh. So don’t miss this opportunity 

If you want to get a job in civil aviation in Bangladesh you have to read too much and work hard then you can achieve your goal. 

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