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Train Ticket, How to buy train tickets online. Train ticket buying a new system 2022 

The train is one of the most useful and favorite transportation systems in the whole world. People love to visit by train. Every year millions of people visited by train. A large number of people are searching for tickets online because it’s easy to buy and also saves valuable time.  Bangladesh is a very populated country in the world. A large number of people love to visit via train. The train journey is safe and it is also safe. In Bangladesh, traffic jams is wasting too much time when we travel by road transportation. When we visit via train it save our time cause it has no traffic jam. 

Bangladesh railway is the main organization of rail in Bangladesh. They are maintaining the system of train transportation. Bangladesh railway is producing train tickets in the station and you can also find them online. Eseba was the name of the online train ticket buy system but some days ago Bangladesh railway change the system. Now you can buy tickets via shohoz website 

Shohoz is one of the largest websites in Bangladesh for buying tickets online. You can easily buy a train ticket by Shohoz. Not only train tickets you can also buy bus launch and events tickets easily from this website.

Train Ticket 2022 shohoz

SHOHOZ  recently published a new train ticket buying system. If you valid account you can easily buy a ticket using shohoz. To create a valid account for shohoz you will need a valid birth certificate or national id card. 

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How to buy a train ticket online 

If you are searching for an online train ticket you are in the right place how can you buy an online train ticket see below for details.

1. Go to the Shohoz website 

2. Create a new account 

3. Search for your destination 

4. Set from where you want to go 

5. Pay your ticket bill using mobile banking or other valid bank cards 

6. Download Your tickets file from the history 

7. Print it from yourself or go to the station and show your ticket file and get your ticket.

By following all of the processes you can easily buy an e-ticket or online train ticket. 

We hope that if you want to buy an online ticket it will be very helpful for you for more tech updates visit our website. 

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